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Fishing guide in bangkok thailand

Bang​kok Fishing Guide Service

Video Vault 

Another video from the Bungsamran trip with Alex Peric but made by Jay Siemens, one of the cameraman who was the initial contact for me.

This video is the first part of a series of videos made by Alex Peric or apbassing during his trip to Thailand with us. The whole trip was six days of fishing at six different places which would end up with a series of eight episodes. The first video features the first morning at Bungsamran chasing after some Mekong Catfish, Siamese Carp and Striped Catfish.

The second installment of Alex Peric's Thailand fishing trip featuring the second half of the Bungsamran day.

Day two of the Alex Peric fishing tour, Arapaima was on everyone's mind and Amazon BKK was up next. Best lake in Thailand to catch an Arapaima if you have a short amount of time. Check it out.

Day Three at IT Lake Monsters with Alex Peric was a tough one. Fish were turned off by inconsistent weather and we struggled a bit catching fish. We did end up with some good ones and got the species that we came for which was the Amazon Redtail Catfish and Chaopraya Catfish.

Day Four of the Alex Peric series. This time we visited the Barramundi Farm and the crew got into some seriously nice topwater action shots.

Day Five with Alex Peric is at the reservoir where we tried to hunt for Giant Snakeheads.

Last day with Alex Peric at the saltwater Grouper pond.

This video features Alex from France ending his fishing world tour in Thailand with us. He visited IT Lake Monsters, the private Barramundi pond and Bungsamran. He ended three days with over 100 fish and seven different species. He also caught his largest fish of his life by landing a 60 kilo Chaopraya Catfish at IT Lake Monsters. For a customized fishing trip in Thailand, contact us for a your fishing trip of a lifetime. 

This clip feature Hendrik from Denmark enjoying a day fishing in Thailand at Palm Tree Lagoon. He had a wonderful day catching lots of different species including the Siamese Carp, Tambaqui, Giant Mekong Catfish, Featherback, Amazon Redtail Catfish.

Fishing at Palm Tree Lagoon offers a great chance to catch various species including Siamese Carp, Mekong Catfish, Chaopraya Catfish, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Asian Redtail Catfish, Rohu, Wallago Attu, Ripsaw Catfish, Alligator Gar, Arapaima, and many more. At Bangkok Fishing Guide Service, rest assure that we work hard and provide you with the best chance to catch as many species as possible. For fishing in Thailand, contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form. 

Nick from Australia spent four days fishing with us and had chosen the reservoir, Amazon BKK, IT Lake Monsters and Pilot 111 as his destination. The main goal was to get a snakehead from the reservoir and we did just that. We also did really well at every location with Nick bagging the Giant Snakehead, Arapaima, Jungle Perch, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Alligator Gar, Pacu, Asian Redtail Catfish and Barramundi.

At Bangkok Fishing Guide, we love to help you plan the perfect fishing vacation regardless of duration. Logistics and every arrangement is taken care of for you to focus only on the fishing. We can plan out the accommodation, transportation and all the fishing fees into one flat rate.

For fishing in Thailand, contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form. 

This is a short clip from one of our private Barramundi ponds and you can see that the action is non stop with good size fish. The Barramundi pond is a perfect location for clients who are short on time and wants to have lots of fun. Fishing time is six hours and its quite certain that you will land lots of Barramundi.

For fishing in Thailand, contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form. 

This clip also features Palm Tree Lagoon when a group of friends from Australia wanted a day out fishing for their bachelor's party. We had the lake to ourselves and it was an action packed day with lots of different fish being landed.

For fishing in Thailand, contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form. 

Though not part of the destination we offer, if you find yourself in the Phuket area, I do recommend visiting Exotic Fishing Thailand. One of the most scenic fishing lakes with a full service restaurant, EFT is a perfect place to relax and catch fish.

This clip features IT Lake Monsters and if you want an action packed day, this is the place to go. The star of the lake is the Chaopraya Catfish while it is complemented by the Amazon Redtail Catfish, Alligator Gar and Pacu as the common catches. The lake also features Arapaima, Giant Snakehead and many other species that gives an occasional appearance.

This video features two Russian anglers spending a whole week at the reservoir with a stop at Amazon BKK in between. They ended up catching lots of nice fish from the reservoir and they were also quite successful at Amazon BKK as well. They were on an all inclusive seven day trip and they did not need to worry about anything else but the fishing.

For fishing in Thailand, contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form. 

This clip features Mike Ainsworth from First Light Guide Service up in Washington state in the United States. Mike came over wanting to catch some Arapaima with his fly rod and conventional gear. Mike currently holds the most fish caught at Amazon BKK record with seven fish in only half a day.

This video clip features myself visiting Jurassic Mountain Fishing Park for the first time to see how things works before offering the location as a destination. It is clear that Jurassic is one of the locations that provides a great chance in catching a Siamese Carp.

For fishing in Thailand at Jurassic Mountain, contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form. 

Yoshi from Japan spent two days fishing with us and opted to visit the private Barramundi pond and the reservoir. The method was fly fishing and we landed numerous Barramundi, Jungle Perch and Giant Snakehead.

For fishing trips in Thailand, contact [email protected]

This video features Thijs from Holland during his first visit to Thailand. We decided to do a two day trip at Srinakarin Dam for Giant Snakeheads. The first day proved to be tough with only a baby snakehead to show for. It was extremely cold and windy. Day two started and remained great throughout the day with Thijs landing a sizeable Giant Snakehead and also a Cobra Snakehead. We have welcomed Thijs back again two years later and looking to more future trips together.

For fishing in Thailand inquiries please use out contact form.

This video features Warren who was one of my first clients ever and have had the pleasure to guide him again several times after. This video is his day at Pilot 111 where we were able to catch various fish with different techniques.

For more information about fishing in Thailand, please contact us using the contact form.