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Fishing guide in bangkok thailand

Bang​kok Fishing Guide Service

Bangkok Fishing Guide - Fishing in Thailand

Alligator Gar

The Alligator Gar is one of the "import" species that started as a pet but became a valued gamefish in fishing lakes. They are known for their vicious teeth and tough scales that serves as a way to feed and defend themselves, respectively.

Fishing lakes that contains Alligator Gar typically also contains other "import" species such as the Arapaima, Pirarara (Redtail Catfish), Pacu and many more.

At Bangkok Fishing Guide Service, we offer anglers an opportunity to land an Alligator Gar with methods that they prefer. Artificial lure or fly casting in the middle of the water column can produce a Gar or bait fishing is also available. 


Fishing in Thailand has gotten a lot more interesting since the introduction of Amazonian species such as the Arapaima and Peacock Bass into Thailand. Originally imported as pets, these aquatic animals has quickly turned into game fishing as well as slowly invading the natural habitat. However, they do not seem to pose any danger to the environment unlike the Asian carp that is in the United States.

At Bangkok Fishing Guide Service, we offer various locations that offers an angler the opportunity to land this majestic fish. Choices between lure fishing/fly fishing or bait fishing for the Arapaima are available with the size growing well over 100 kgs!

Fishing lakes that stocks Arapaima often times also features other Amazonian species such as the Pirarara or the Tiger Shovelnose Catfish.

Talk to us and lets see how we can work with you towards catching an Arapaima.

Amazon Redtail Catfish

Along with the Arapaima, the Amazon Redtail Catfish is another Amazonian species that is stocked into various specimen lakes. Typically, these are the fish that anglers would tend to catch when fishing for Amazonian species due to its big appetite.

A strong fighter that grows to epic proportion, the Redtail Catfish or Pirarara are often stocked in lakes with the Arapaima and other Amazonian species.

Allow Bangkok Fishing Guide Service to take you on Amazonian trip in Thailand.

Asian Redtail Catfish

A domestic version of a redtail catfish, these fish provides long hard fights that keeps your drag screaming from time to time. Light tackle is the preferred choice for Bangkok Fishing Guide Service. For fly fishing, an 8 wt works amazing and be prepared to see your line get dragged well into the backing.


The most popular fish in Thailand through its good eating as well as a very popular gamefish due to its acrobatic jumps, Barramundi captures the heart of all anglers. Since they are commercially raised for food, barramundi is ample in Thailand and there is a large amount of places that you could fish for them. The preferred methods are topwater lures (poppers) in the early mornings and plastic swimbaits during the day. While the popular size for consumption is in teh range of 700 grams to 1 kg. Fish that are above 3 kgs put up a great fight on a fly rod.

Bangkok Fishing Guide Service has various options for your Barramundi experience depending on level of difficulty and size of fish. Start talking to us to experience Barramundi fishing! 

Chaopraya Catfish (Dog Eating Catfish)

Similar in shape and size to the Giant Mekong Catfish, the difference is that these guys eat meat! Experience an exhilarating time catching these aggressive predators with us. From catching the babies on light tackle to targeting the fairly large ones, these catfish promises an exciting fight. Their unique way of fighting is sure to peel out line and make that drag scream. Lure or baiting fishing is available for these fish.

Hampala Barb aka Jungle Perch

Available only at the reservoir and known as the Jungle Perch, they are relatively easy to catch if we can locate them. They love the lures to be fast and and they hit it hard. Fishing for them in the rivers provides them with extra strength and they are awesome fun with ultra light set ups. 

Giant Mekong Catfish

Probably one of the most popular fish around the world due to its size and sheer power, the Giant Mekong Catfish is certainly the number one attraction for fishing in Thailand. Considered a must visit, Bungsamran Lake has been in operation for almost 40 years. This lake is no secret to the angling world but what Bangkok Fishing Guide Service has to offer is the comfort and convenience. A fluent English speaking guide is always with you while lunch and drinks are well taken care of. After battling these monsters, we make sure that we pack enough energy drinks and provide you with a hearty meal to keep you fishing. We simply make sure that you are well taken care of.

Giant Siamese Carp

An elusive species that doesn't seem to like to get caught, the Giant Siamese Carp is considered a privilege to hold one in your hands. Listed as critically endangered, some fishing parks are well stocked with these fish. Jurassic Fishing and Palm Tree Lagoon offers the best chance to land a really big carp but targeting them is no easy task.

Giant Snakehead

Anoher notorious species made popular by its relative that is invading the United States and the recent fishing shows, the Giant Snakehead is an aggresive fish that attacks lures like they are going for the kill. Fry season provides a uniqie opportunity for anglers to catch really big ones while fishing for them in reservoirs can be productive all year round.


Another import from the Amazon, the Pacu is another hard charging fish that makes it really fun on light tackle. Its narrow body makes them especially fun to catch.

Striped Snakehead

The most common fish in Thailand that could be found in any body of water, the striped snakehead is a staple in Thai cuisine . Fishing for them in reservoirs are mostly artificial lure with topwater and shallow diving lures being the most popular. Texas rig method also works great in lakes or ponds.